Good eSIM allows you to purchase convenient eSIMs for international travel

  • Ready to use after purchase

    You can purchase it online, so you can buy it immediately when you want to use it.
    And you can set it up in no time.

  • No need to rent a mobile Wi-Fi

    With Good eSIM, everything is done online. There's no need to worry about running out of charge or losing your phone.
    There's no need to carry anything and your luggage will be smaller.

  • No need to bother with replacing SIM cards

    Turn off the phone, remove the cover, insert the SIM pin, take out the small card...
    With Good eSIM, you don't need to go through any of that hassle.

  • Easy line switching

    Once you reach your destination, you can switch to Good eSIM

What is eSIM?

An eSIM is a SIM that is embedded directly into a mobile phone device.

You can rewrite the SIM information online, eliminating the need to insert and remove it, and it functions the same as a physical SIM card.

You can complete the contract and application online and start using the service immediately.

Unlike Wi-Fi routers, there is no need to worry about picking up and returning a rental, and you can instantly obtain a comfortable communication environment at a low cost, which greatly improves convenience.

In addition, since you can use plans from multiple carriers at the same time, it is convenient when you want to use local plans when traveling, etc.

  • SIM card

    physical card

    If you want to rewrite the information, replace it with a different card.

  • eSIM

    It's built into your smartphone.

    Rewrite device information online.

Things to check before purchasing

 ★Confirmation before purchase

・Is your device capable of using eSIM?

・Is your SIM unlocked?

★Flow after purchase

・After purchasing the eSIM, you will receive a QR code in a separate email after the order details email.

★QR code expiration date

・The period is 30 days including the email delivery date. Please complete the settings within the deadline.

★When the QR code does not arrive

・A QR code will be sent to you from "". Please allow the domain.

・Please check that the email has not been delivered to your spam folder.

・If you do not receive the QR code email even after authorizing the domain and checking your spam folder, please contact us.




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About available devices

Click here to check your device

※Please be sure to check. Items cannot be returned after purchase.
※Some iPhones sold in mainland China or in Hong Kong and Macau do not support eSIM.

Check points

  • Depending on your mobile device or country, you may need to unlock your SIM.
    Please make sure the SIM is unlocked before purchasing.
  • The expiration date of the eSIM is within 30 days including the arrival date of the eSIM service start email.
    Please set up your data plan before it expires.
  • Please make sure you have an eSIM compatible mobile phone before purchasing.
    We cannot respond to requests for refunds/cancellations.
  • 1 day is 24 hours. (Example: If you purchase a 1 day plan: If you activate it at 10:00 on September 1st, you can use it until 9:59 on September 2nd.)
  • If you are unable to connect to the Internet with your eSIM after setup, please refer to the eSIM connection setup steps above and check your mobile phone settings.
  • The eSIM 2D barcode (QR code) can only be scanned once. Please be careful not to accidentally delete the eSIM after setting it up.
  • To terminate your eSIM usage, please proceed from [Delete mobile communication plan].

How to install eSIM

Cancellation and refunds

Cancellations, refunds and changes are not possible.

For more information, click here