General services

How soon can I use an eSIM?

As of September 1, 2023, it can be used within 24 hours. If you let us know in advance the dates you would like to use, we will deliver the eSIM according to those dates.

Can I use 5G service if I change from SIM card to eSIM?

Yes, you can. Also, the radio wave conditions such as 4G/5G vary depending on the country/region of use, so please check the product page for details.

What should I do if I purchase a new device?

The profile you are currently using cannot be used, so please purchase it again.

Can I use tethering (internet sharing)?

Yes, you can. When using it, please enable the tethering function from the device settings.

Can I use phone calls and SMS?

Our eSIM is for data communication only. Regular calls and SMS using the phone number cannot be used. However, you can use telephone calls using VoIP apps such as LINE and Skype.

How do I create an account?

An account will be created when you purchase a data plan from a website, etc. It is not possible to create only an account (without purchasing the service).

Are there any other costs other than the data plan fee?

There is nothing. Additionally, all data plans are prepaid, so there are no maintenance or fixed costs.

If I go abroad many times, can I purchase and use a plan each time?

Of course it is possible. Our eSIM data communication service is completely prepaid, so you can use it every time you travel by purchasing a new data plan from the app. There are no charges for periods of non-use.

Can you issue me a receipt?

We can issue it, but in the case of distribution from this service, we will send it by email if we can receive the email history and the name of the recipient.

Can I extend the expiry date of my purchased data plan?

The expiration date cannot be extended.

About eSIM/2Dbarcode(QRcode)

What is the difference between SIM card and eSIM?

A SIM card is a chip-type IC card that stores the user's contract information and can be used by inserting it into the SIM card of an iPhone or smartphone.
An eSIM is a SIM that is pre-embedded in a terminal phone such as a smartphone. You can use it by downloading the eSIM profile that records your contract information.

Can I change my eSIM to a SIM card?

It is not possible to change an eSIM to a SIM card.

Can I use the 2Dbarcode (QRcode) for downloading the eSIM profile as many times as I want?

Profiles can only be downloaded once. Please be careful not to download on the wrong device.
Once you delete a downloaded profile, you will immediately become unable to use the service, so please be careful not to delete it by mistake.

If I accidentally delete my eSIM, can I have it reissued?

Due to the nature of prepaid products, if you accidentally delete your eSIM, or if your device is lost or damaged, you will not be able to have your eSIM reissued.

When does the eSIM purchase data plan start?

You can start using it (communication) immediately after setting it up after purchasing. The plan's validity period begins when the first data connection is established in the country where it is available.

Can I install it on multiple devices using the same 2Dbarcode (QRcode)?

Since it is linked to an individual eSIM number, it can only be used once. Therefore, it cannot be used on multiple devices.

About settings/DATA communication

I did not receive an email (after purchase).

If you cannot confirm the email even after checking your spam folder, please contact us with your details (name, email address, date and time of purchase, etc.).

Do I need to prepare anything when signing an eSIM contract?

It's not particularly necessary. If necessary, we may ask you to use a credit card or provide identification. Thank you for your understanding.

Can I change the contracted data capacity?

Since this is a prepaid contract, changes cannot be made midway through. Please use it up and then purchase more.

What are APN settings?

APN is an abbreviation of "Access Point Name" which means "access point name" in Android. This setting allows you to connect to other networks from your mobile phone line. iPhone does not have it as a basic operation.

What is the data communication speed?

Communication speeds are "best effort" and vary depending on the local communication environment. What you should consider is the general average communication speed, and depending on the region/country, it is possible to obtain frequencies from 3G to 5G.

Where can I check my remaining data amount and plan expiration date?

Can I purchase additional data?

Is possible.


I can't communicate using eSIM overseas.

In that case, Tsim Tech Co., Ltd. (regions outside Japan) will be able to assist you, so please contact us using the contact information below.
[Tsim Tech Co., Ltd Contact Information]
◇WhatsApp/Line/Telegram : +852 6014 0451
◇Email: adminhk@tsimtech.com (English/Chinese)

I only have one device and cannot read the QR code I receive.

Please enter the code sent along with the QR code into your device's settings screen to manually add the eSIM.