How to install eSIM

Setting method on iOS device

You must be connected to Wi-Fi or a mobile line to activate your eSIM.

Please make settings in a location with good communication conditions.

1. Scan QR code

Device with ios17.4 or later

  • Open the email with the QR code sent to you.

  • Press and hold the QR code

    and Tap "Add eSIM"

When scanning a QR code

If you cannot read the QR code, please check "Manual Entry" below.

  • From the Settings app, tap "Celluar"

  • Tap "Add eSIM"

  • Tap "Use QR Code"

  • pattern 1

    Scan the QR code with the camera

  • pattern 2

    If you have saved a QR code in your camera roll, such as a screenshot, tap "Open Photos"

  • Select a photo and the QR code will be scanned

Manual Entry

  • From the Settings app, tap "Celluar"

  • Tap "Add eSIM"

  • Tap "Use QR Code"

  • Tap "Enter Details Manually"

  • Enter SM-DP+ Address / Activation Code

  • The code is distributed together with the QR

    Please copy and paste to use

  • Once the code is loaded, tap "Next"

  • Tap "Done"

  • This is an esim added as "Chunghwa Telecom"

    It is useful to change the name for clarity.

    Tap "Chunghwa Telecom plan name".

  • This time, the name has been changed to "goodesim".

    Change the name, check the box and tap Done

  • You can set the default line later.

    If you want to use the line immediately, tap the added esim, tap Continue, and then tap Continue.

  • Phone line is not available on goodesim

    If using a phone line, select the Primary line

  • If you want to use it immediately, select the SIM you added and tap Done.

    You can also selected later.

The settings for adding esim are now complete.

If you want to use the added esim, please make sure Data Roaming is turned on.

  • Tap "Celluar" from the Settings app

  • Tap the added eSIM

  • Turn on "Data Roaming"

    With Wi-Fi turned off, you can use data communication if the 3G or 4G mark is displayed.

  • Tap "Celluar" from the Settings app

  • Tap "Cellular Data"

  • Check the added eSIM and return

  • Tap "Cellular" from the Settings app

  • Tap the added eSIM

  • Tap "Delete eSIM"

    ※Be sure to check the type of eSIM you want to delete.

  • Tap "Delete eSIM"

  • Tap "Delete eSIM"

  • Tap "Update Contacts"

  • eSIM deleted